Dedicated to Empowering People Who Don't Smoke

In the Smokefree Revolution we want to step beyond the current smokefree organizations to take more aggressive proactive stands. We want to ensure that persons who want to claim their right to breathe clean air will be able to do it in this lifetime. Our intent is to change the tobacco culture by changing the perceptions and actions of people who don't smoke. Changing laws is useless without compliance of those laws! This is a grassroots organization that requires its members to take personal responsibility for changing the world! We feel it is very important to support existing smokefree organizations, to keep writing letters to politicians and work on all front against the tobacco pandemic! We, however, need to be the foot soldiers in the war against secondhand tobacco smoke! We are not interested in advocating for smokers except to defend their right to overcome their addictions. Every single time the needs of nicotine addicts are considered those needs are always satisfied at the expense of the rights of others to breathe clean air! We need to always be clear that the only acceptable solutions to tobacco smoke pollution are those that eliminate the pollution entirely. That means a total ban on smoking everywhere except in private homes! It means no more compromises brokered by the tobacco industry! Technically smoking in public is already illegal because many of the toxic elements of tobacco smoke are already banned! If smokers find it difficult to live in a world that protects the right to breathe clean air then they should stop smoking! We don't intend to wait for politicians, business owners or smokers to agree to give us what is already rightfully ours! We intend to move up from the back of the bus and demand our rightful places in the world!

Every struggle for equality begins when oppressed people wake up to their oppression. They must first learn how their oppressors have coerced them into submission, then persuade their peers to stand up and say no to their oppressors! It's difficult for some people to understand that the struggle for smokefree air is a fight for civil rights. Like many other battles for equality it means taking abusive privilege away from a minority and giving equality to everyone. Historically the privileged minority has never given up without a battle. In this battle we are up against a powerful industry that wants to continue to make huge profits from a product that kills people. We are also up against a culture of nicotine addicts who want to protect the privilege of satisfying their addictions at the expense of everyone around them. There are no rational excuses for the continuation of tobacco culture the way it has existed in the past. If the same rules applied to the tobacco industry that apply to other industries they would be both illegal and bankrupt! We need to be clear that the debate over tobacco is a debate about whether human life is more important than profits and addiction! We also need to be clear that most of the public is ready for smokefree air. What stands in the way are huge political contributions from tobacco companies, misconceptions about the role of tobacco taxes, huge profits for tobacco investors and irrational business owners who believe tobacco propaganda instead of common sense!

The smokefree revolution requires a commitment from every person who doesn't smoke! We need to reclaim the world for ourselves. It means we must demand that our lives be totally smokefree all the time, no exceptions. Zero tolerance of secondhand tobacco smoke requires us to walk away, speak up and boycott! We need to walk away from anyone who doesn't respect our right to breathe clean air. We need to politely remind smokers to take responsibility for their smoke polluting the air and harming other people. We need to boycott all businesses, friends' homes, parties, public meetings and any place that isn't totally smokefree! We are the majority! If we change our habits, the world will become smokefree much sooner! This means everyone of us has to take responsibility for our part in allowing tobacco to rule our cultures and our lives. Each time we remain silent because it's easier, we contribute to the continuation of tobacco abuse!


Boycott all businesses that allow their customers and employees to be exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke! Zero tolerance is the only road to change! Smokefree means without smoke, not less smoke! We need to encourage the businesses we patronize to stop selling tobacco products. We need to shop in businesses that do not sell tobacco products.

Speak Out!

Notify all businesses that allow secondhand smoke exposure that you will not patronize them until they become smokefree! This means no more nonsmoking sections in restaurants, no more smoking in bars or clubs.

Speak up!

Speak up for the rights of children! They are the most susceptible to secondhand smoke exposure. Remind parents that tobacco smoke pollution has been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, middle ear infections, asthma, bronchitis, and croup in children. Parents should be reminded that smoking inside a closed automobile with small children is totally unacceptable!


Bring litigation against employers, businesses, municipalities or anyone else who requires you to breathe toxic tobacco smoke in order to be a part of public life! Requiring people to breathe smoke is a real form of discrimination! Smokers can go everywhere if they leave their lighted cigarettes behind.


Ask your local chapters of the Cancer Society, the Lung Association, labor unions and smokefree organizations to sponsor a national march for workers rights to a smokefree work environment! It could also be a memorial march for those who have died from tobacco related diseases!

Be Political!

Ask your political party and politicians to sponsor national legislation to ban smoking in the workplace nationwide! Make tobacco smoke pollution a national political issue! Organize local town hall meetings to discuss the problems of secondhand smoke pollution. Organize letter writing campaigns to local newspapers. Bring the discussion of secondhand smoke out into the open!


Ask your friends and family to get involved in the fight for smokefree air! Send this notice to everyone you know who believes in the right to breathe clean air!


End the silence by always demanding a smokefree environment for yourself and your family. Don't let smokers and the tobacco industry dictate social policy any longer. The world belongs to everyone, not just smokers!


Ask your local government to strengthen it's existing smokefree laws. You should be able to go about the business of your life without ever being exposed to secondhand smoke. This means no smoking in doorways, at sidewalk cafes, restaurants or anywhere smoke can harm others!


Carry the round no smoking stickers with you everywhere you go. Post them on the back of toilet stall doors, in bus shelters and everywhere you think people need to be reminded smoking is inappropriate! Post signs to educate about the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure and the rights of everyone to breathe clean air.

Ask local businesses to post prominent signs that indicate they are totally smokefree!

Think Positive!

Do not call yourself a non-smoker! Call yourself smokefree or a person who doesn't smoke. Non-smoker implies that smoking is normal and you are a non person!

Only if you believe you can change the world, will you even try! Let's do it together!

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