Nichtraucher - Revolution Deutschland

This is a webpage for German nonsmokers who are tired of waiting for change. This is an organization of German nonsmokers who are willing to invest a little time in order to expedite change in relation to the attitude of smoking in public places. We are interested in educating nonsmokers about their rights. We want to teach nonsmokers how to pressure governments into enforcing existing laws and drafting new laws to protect the rights of all citizens to breathe clean air. We believe that all public places should be free of tobacco smoke pollution so that all citizens may have equal access to those public places without having their health compromised. This includes public transportation, restaurants, bars, shops and all workplaces. There is no longer any room for debate about the so called rights of smokers. They can have access to all nonsmoking areas when they leave their cigarettes behind. There are now millions upon millions of pages of secret documents from the tobacco industry that prove not only a conspiracy to deceive the public about the health risks of tobacco, but also document criminal behavior. The issue of freedom in this debate needs to focus on the freedom of choice! In a democratic society one group of people should not have the right to inflict bodily harm on another group under the pretence of individual rights. There is no right to pollute the air we all breathe! The time has come to end the riduculous German cultural attitude toward social smoking. Secondhand smoke is violence for millions of people who suffer from respiratory diseases. In spite of the fact that 70% of Germans are nonsmokers, they are confronted daily with extreme tobacco smoke pollution which compromises their health. The time to end the injustice of public smoking is long overdue !!